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Jay Regan 

Wash Me

added: 28 Apr 2017 // release date: 7 Apr 2017 // label: Independent
reviewer: Jon C. Ireson 

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Wash Me is the second solo venture from Philadelphia artist Jay Regan. Having fronted '90's alternative bands April Fool, Dezire and Today We Live, Regan brings that style of songwriting to his latest record Wash Me. Although he adds elements of southern rock and funk as well as some more modern elements, Regan stays firmly planted in the ethos of post-grunge alternative. Those last five years before the end of the millennium where the mopers eased up and just had fun before we were hit with the big Y2K apocalypse.

The album kicks off with Regan's sing-song tribute to the brown liquor. Replete with cats and dogs, bar noise background and bustling street traffic. 'Whiskey Song' takes you on a tour of the town in search of some sweet liquid relief. With the organ backing and rolling, repetitive structure, the song feels like a modern-day gospel in honour of whiskey. 'Can't Let Go centres on a happy four chord progression with Regan weaving thick harmonies overtop. The bridge gets tripped out with spacey synths giving Regan's alt-rock an added dimension.

Perhaps the highlights of the album are the tracks 'March of the Romans' and 'Right Between the Eyes' where he busts out the horn section to step up the energy. The former is a snappy funky number. Punchy trumpets scream out as Regan blasts tyranny. In the latter, Regan takes on a good time late '80s, tv show theme song vibe with warm Miami beach progressions and a rollicking organ solo spilling into a feel-good guitar solo. Ironically, the jubilant tune is an homage to the Walking Dead, spelling out his plans to survive amidst the zombie apocalypse. A bizarre juxtaposition to be sure.

Wash Me is packed with some really catchy alternative ditties. Light fun fare, just in time for summer.

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3 stars

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